Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yves Rocher WANTS YOU!!!

You know from past post that I am a huge fan of Yves Rocher and they are a great company. Well with no surprise they have are doing something special for Earth Day and I wanted to share with you what they have planned. For every item that is purchased online or by phone on April 22nd, Yves Rocher will plant a tree. Can you just imagine this. What a great cause. Yves Rocher is launching and unprecedented call to protect our world through biodiversity. With this campaign that is initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme, Yves Rocher has pledged to plant fifty million trees by 2015. You heard me correctly fifty million trees. That is quite generous and a great plan to help our environment. What is amazing is that they have already planted 25 million trees so far. Planting trees are so important because they help the urban spaces and help reduce the greenhouse gases polluting the air from emissions. Planting trees helps promote physical health world wide. 
Yves Rocher is very reasonable prices and mothers day is coming up. This is the perfect time to spoil yourself just a little bit. Make sure you head over to Yves Rocher and pick up a couple items online or even call. Than you could say you helped plant more trees. What a perfect way to help out our environment on Earth Day. Spoil your self and help out. You can visit Yves Rocher and see all of their goodies that they offer. 

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