Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yves Rocher Cosmetic Review

Yves Rocher Comestics Review

Are you looking for that spring look for Easter that is coming up in a few weeks? I can recommend one place where you can find great quality products and that is Yves Rocher. This is my first time trying their cosmetics and I am quite impressed with the quality. I received several new products from their cosmetic line. I received two nail lacquer, two grand rouge lipsticks and two lip liners.

The first product that I tried was the nail lacquer. Yves Rocher has recently released three new nail lacquer colors and they are Sumptuous Pink, Nude Rose and Powdery Mauve. The two colors that I received were the Powdery Mauve and the Nude Rose. What I like about these two nail lacquers is that they are perfect for Easter. Out of the two that I received I would have to lean towards Powdery Mauve. I simply fell in love with this color, although I do like Nude Rose also. When I tried both colors they went on smoothly without any small bubbles or smudges. Also there was not any noticeable smudges or streaks in this nail polish. Both were amazing new colors and I am actually going to be wearing Powdery Mauve for Easter this year. What I also love about both nail lacqures is that they will go with any lipstick shade. Which is a nice things to have.

I was very excited to check out the Grand Rouge Lipsticks. Yves Rocher has came out with 18 new shades of lipsticks.I received 23. violet profond and 13. rose somptueux. I was excited to try rose sompteux. Before I tried this lipstick I did not think that it would look good on me and I was surprised. When I tried this color lipstick I was surprised on how long lasting this lipstick was. Also when I applied this lipstick it went on smoothly and almost like it was a second skin. I agree with Yves Rocher when they say they are creamy lipsticks. I would definitely invest in more of these lipsticks. They first were out of my comfort zone although they look great on me and they make me feel great and confident. 

The last product that I was able to try was the Automatic Lip Liner. Yves Rocher has came out with 5 new shades. Majority of the time I do not mess with Lip liner due to it make me crazy. When I tried Yves Rocher Lip liner it was last longing and I would wear this lip liner anytime. It did not frustrate me which was amazing in my opinion. These lip liners are enriched with nourishing jojoba oil. These liners were easy to apply and they looked great and lasted majority of the day. I would highly invest a couple of these new shades.

I have found my Easter look. Thanks to Yves Rocher I am all set. Also what I like about Yves Rocher is that you are always going to find great quality and great products for a decent price. Once again Yves Rocher has amazed me with their products. You can find their amazing products here.  

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