Monday, April 8, 2013

Win A Beautiful Pearl Necklace From

Look what Bargain Hound Daily Deals is featuring today!!!

Today I would like to introduce you all to Amanda Webb! She is the Jewellery artist/Owner of  Make A Strand ,Boutique Jewellery Design House! As always this site is on the page because I fell in love on sight!  After all what is not to adore about custom made pieces of wearable art?!! The very personable down to earth Amanda has created more wonderful pieces than I can possibly list! She specialized in peals and Semi Precious Stones making innovative and captivating pieces.  I love this site and can easily spend hours looking over her custom made creations! You will without a doubt want to swing into Make a Strand | Boutique Jewellery Design House as well as their fanpage found here: Make a Strand | Facebook

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  1. The design of this pearl necklaces goes to show how craftsmen can enhance the natural beauty of a pearls.
    Pearl Necklace Designs


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