Monday, April 8, 2013

 Look what Bargain Hound Daily Deals had to say!!

I’m personally kind of a diva, you know the ones that are prissy and put makeup on to go buy a bagel at the supermarket? Yeah that kind! However no matter how good I want to look I want to look it without the price tag, you know the feeling right? Well as I was scrounging around the internet this company popped up, Wilsons Leather, right then and there I found the cutest coat and purse ever and immediately put them together in my head to create a functional outfit! A very sassy date night outfit or one that could be dressed down for class! 
When the purse arrived my heart melted a little with the vibrancy of the colors, how well it looked even the cute little silver heart charm on the back. This purse was it, the one, the new show stopper statement piece in my wardrobe! The vibrancy of the pink can be noticed by anyone but is subtle enough to be dressed down and carried everywhere you choose to go. Now this purse was generously smaller than the one I typically would carry around but EVERYTHING FIT! There is organization inside this classy bag! The price on it aswell is a fair one to pay! Then again I haven’t seen a price on there that wasn’t fair they have those beautiful leather bags you see at retailers for a wallet breaking price so much cheaper than you would imagine!
The coat is white but classy in an edgy sort of way! The type you can wear with a pair of nice jeans and a t-shirt or that little black dress! Either way you look so put together there is no complaining. The inside is lined with a blue ‘gingham’ style print which adds a soft pop of color and a lively touch to the coat while the black accents give it that sexy motorcycle vibe! This coat has that stylish attitude you look for in a leather coat! Even though this coat is ‘faux’ leather it feels and maintains like a real coat!!
Wilsons Leather is kind of like the hot spot on the internet! Everything they have is something worth craving about and shouting to the world! You can’t go wrong with all of their luxurious pieces and amazing prices! They give you that high end look without that wallet crunching price!
Go check them out!
Here is their facebook:
And here is that phenomenal site where you buy all those beautiful pieces!!!!!Get ready to fall in love all over again!: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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