Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri Review

I have been a huge fan of Ozeri in the pass with their products. Well I able to review another one of their products. Ozeri offers a Stone Earth Pan. Recently I learned and wanted to share with you, is that do you know at time when you cook your food you take in toxins? I make sure I look into all products and utensils that I use to cook with to make sure that is safe and healthy. Here are some Stone Pan is unique and original. They are unlike an other ceramic cookware brands. The Stone Earth Pan is made out of GREBLON ceramic. By using GREBLON ceramic you can make sure it is ultra safe ceramic coating. This made in Germany which is 100 percent PTFE and PFOA free. You can rest assured that there is no heavy metals or chemicals made in this product. Stone Earth Pan is also is a non stick pan. It also does not release any harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.

When I received this pan I instantly wanted to wash it and cook something. Although I have learned being impatient I tend to miss an important step. I put down the pan and read the directions before I used my new pan. Sure enough it told me how to season my pan before I used it. Well after that I decided I wanted to test the pan out and I was going to make my children grilled cheese sandwich on the stove. That is the best way to make them. At times I get frustrated because they tend to stick to the pan and make a mess. I put a little butter in the pan and started to cook. I was impressed on how it was not sticking to the pan and by non sticking. The grilled cheese that I was making grilled evenly and make a perfect gooey grilled cheese. I was impressed on this pan. I would watch the setting on your stove because this pan heats up pretty quickly. I had to keep my setting a little lower due to this issue. I tend to try to stay away from cooking on the stove because I hate cleaning up a big fat mess. But with the Ozeri Stone
Pan it took minutes for me to clean this pan up which was nice. I would recommend this pan and I absouletly fell in love with it. What made my decision of loving this pan is that it cooked quickly and the food taste great. It also was easy to clean up also. You can find this pan at the following locations.

You can purchase the Green Earth Pan at Amazon, Sears or Home Depot

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