Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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This mothers day why don't you celebrate it with your kids with GIANTmicrobe? GIANTmicrobe is a fun way to learn about microbes. Which is a fun experience you can have with your children. GIANTmicrobes has about every microbe that you can imagine. GIANTmicrobe carries a variety of different products. They carry large microbes that make noises, magnets, smaller microbes, microbes that you can stick on window and a variety of other products.

For Mothers Day I was able to receive several product from GIANTmicrobe to share with my children. When we received a package from GIANTmicrobe it brought so much fun with my children. I know this is not the practical gift, but it was the best gift that I could experience with my children. 
The first microbe that we got to learn about was the Skin Cell. This  microbe was flat and and had wrinkles. My daughter took a liking to the skin cell microbe. The skin cell is our largest organ. This microbe came with a info card on the top to give all the information that we would need to know about the skin cell

The next cell that we were learning about was the nerve cell. This one was my favorite. It was a skinny microbe that was a bright green that had string coming out at the end on each side. A few facts that we leaned about the nerve cells is that our body has a lot of nerve cells inside. Also we learned that nerve cells are very tiny. There are some nerve cells that are as long as your leg.
The next microbe that we got play with is the common cold. Not everyday you get to hear that someone is playing with the common cold. A few fun facts that there are more that 250 different cold virus. The Rinovirus is the most popular virus form of the cold. Rhinovirus is popular in the fall and winter time.

The last microbe that we got to play with was the Brain Cell. The brain cell that we received was the color pink. It also has a special heart on it that says the World's Smartest Mom. I thought this one was one of the cutest microbes out there. This would make a great cute gift for your child to get you mom, grandmother or great grandmother this year.

Overall I enjoyed this experience with my children and it was a lot of fun. GIANTmicrobes is a fun learning experience and fun way to spend time with your children. I would highly recommend GIANTmicrobes. You can find more information at their website.

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