Friday, April 5, 2013

Make-A-Ball Review

Make A BallAre you looking for that special gift for your athlete in your family. Well I came across a great site that offers personalized sport balls. Make A Ball offers Basketballs, Volley Balls, Hockey Pucks, Football, Baseball, Softball, and Soccer balls. Make A Ball would make a great gift for all ages. I recently had the opportunity to go through Make A Ball's website and customize my own Make A Ball baseball. When I went through the process to make my own customized baseball the process was very simple and they had individual steps to help you make it easy as possible. It also has a tutorial video on their site if your not quite sure on what to do. I first choose how many panels that I wanted and how they where set up. I had to make this baseball perfect because it is going to be a gift for my son when he starts TBall this spring. Then I choose what background I wanted to put on the baseball.I had a variety of different backgrounds I could choose from and you can pick two to put on your baseball. You can mix and match them if you want. There are options where you can also put someone picture on your Make A Ball. I put my son picture on the ball and added text and saying on his ball. I chose to put my sons name and the year. I also put Mommies All Star. I really like how I could make this baseball just for my son and design it the way we would like it. If you would like to make your ball you can visit them at

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