Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lavanila Vanilla Blackberry

 I wanted to share with you guys today a line of products called Vanilla Blackberry Collection. I have recently been able to learn more about site called Lavanila. I have tried several product from this company and every single product so far I have been a huge fan. 
Lavanila has a new collection out and I wanted to share it with you. I am not sure if you guys already know that berries are high anti-oxidants. What if I wold you that your fragrance also could be also? Lavanila uses blends that are pure essential oils, skin safe botanicals and vita rich technology. Their fragrances are long lasting which are amazing. 

The four products that I wanted to share with you today are The Healthy Fragrance, Healthy Deodorant, and  The healthy Roller Ball.

The Healthy Fragrance retails for 58 dollars. This bottle comes in a 1.7 fl oz. This product was inspired by the appeal of vine ripened berries and the twist on vanilla. This perfume has no bad chemicals in this product. This product only contains everything that is good for you. 

The Healthy Roller Ball retails for 19 dollars. I have tried similar product to this specific one. I like how they are smaller bottle and are perfect size to put in your purse for on the go. This in a slim bottle and it is spill proof bottle. If you are like me than that is perfect because I tend to be clumsy at times. This product was designed in a bottle that will let you dab on vanilla goodness whenever you need a refresher throughout the day.

The last product is They Healthy Deodorant. This retails for 18 dollars. This product is 100 percent all natural deodorant and will leave you smelling great. This scent is Vanilla Blackberry. I was able to receive a sample of this product and be able to test it out. The first thing that I like about this product is that it smells great. I like how east this glides on and keeps me protected and smelling great. This come in a 2 oz stick Deodorant. I also like the design how it come in because you can take it with you and looks classy and does not look like your regular deodorant. 

You can find these products on their site and there are other product available also. I would recommend spoiling mom with Lavanila this year. You can find their product in the link below. 
    Lavanila Laboratories products may be purchased at

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