Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bargain Hound Daily Deals Review and Giveaway on Goose Creek Candle Co.

So as most of our readers know I am a bit of a scent and linens snob…..I would rather hold out and go without for awhile to get a “perfect”, at least perfect to me, item!! One thing I am loving about this American Heirloom White Linen scented jar is that at only $20 for a large 2 wick candle I don’t need to wait to long! Seriously this candle is AMAZING!! I am sitting here with a sore face from having surgery this morning. I cant really eat, I am swollen and pretty miserable at the moment. My highlight right now really is a light! Its a 2 wick candle actually. My house is scented with a crisp, clean and altogether lovely scent! The candle light its self is a bit relaxing and meditative but the scent is drawling me in.  There really isn’t a lot you can do so inexpensively as a candle to improve your mood and your overall outlook.  I am so happy that I contacted Goose Creek Candle company! They are friendly and ship amazing products with lightening speed! My candle arrived in only a couple days. It came well wrapped and in pristine shape, unlike a more expensive counterparts candle jars…yep Yankee candles! I live near Williamsburge…so yeah you would think that would be my favorite candle shopping isn’t!…well not anymore it isn’t!  I can honestly say that the Goose Creek Candle Company’s American Heirloom has a cleaner fresher less artificial fragrance than its Yankee Candle Shop version by the name of Clean Cotton.  Clean cotton has kind of a artificial soapy scent…kinda like cheap dish soap. Where the American Heirloom White Linen is more like clean laundry that has been line dried in the sun. When I smell it it brings to mind brisk mornings and sunny scents in a combination that was no only unexpected but pleasing! This Bargain Hound is taking full advantage of their fan deal! If you are a fan you can get 40% off a order of $25 or more!! Check it out here: After you have become a fan and grabbed your coupon swing into and let the REAL challenge begin…what to choose!! So many great scents…if my White Linen is any indication of there other scents I don’t think you could go wrong!  While your showing some love be sure to follow on Twitter also, ! Don’t miss out on being the first to hear about great new scents!! Use Coupon Code 1301 and get 25% off entire purchase! 
Fragrance Description (this is the White Linen Scent I Received and LOVE, Thank you Goose Creek..You ROCK!!!)
This nostalgic aroma of clean linen flowing in a summer breeze begins with a top note of fruity peach and green apple. The heart is fresh with ozone notes, violet and lilacs. The dry down is a long lasting fresh floral bouquet.
Burn Times
16oz – 90 Hours
22oz – 125 Hours
39oz – 215 Hours

American Heirloom

We are pleased to introduce our new American Heirloom Collection. It is an early 1900’s Victorian multi-sided style jar with beautiful polished silver embossed lids. Take a step back in time to enjoy this one of a kind collection. One candle will fill your home with your favorite scent. We have become famous for our clean burning, extremely fragrant jar candles. Enjoy our scented candles today! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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