Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zoobies Review

Clifford Book BuddyMy daughter is in that stage where she loves stuff animals. You will find her every night curled up with a stuff animal in her arms. Usually you will find a stuff animal dog. Well when I came across the site Zoobies I knew that this would be a great fit with my daughter. The only problem that I had with Zoobies is that they have to many cute Zoobies to choose from and it is a hard decision to make. 

When we received our Clifford from Zoobies, my daughter was very excited. I will mention one thing Clifford was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be. I thought it was going to be a lot smaller. It was soft to the touch and it is very cuddly. That is the first thing my daughter did when she saw Clifford. Clifford is not just a stuff animal. Clifford is a 3 in one toy. Clifford is a plush toy, blanket and pillow. 

I like bringing this in the car with us. My daughter likes using it as a pillow or you can use it as a blanket. I am getting at that stage when a diaper bag looks silly to carry an extra diaper. When you are going out you can bring the stuff animal. You can also hide a diaper inside so it is not noticeable. My daughter takes her Zoobie everywhere with her. She brings it in car rides, nap time and even bed time. She also loves playing with it and taking the blanket out and using it for nap time. I think every child should have a Zoobie. These are creative, fun and a safety net for children. This would make a great Easter gift for your child. You can go adopt one of your own zoobies at their site.

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