Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yves Rocher Culture BIO Review

If you are not aware of Yves Rocher you need to check them out ASAP. I recently have done a review on their Global Aging product that I absolutely loved. I was excited when I found out they had a new line coming out called Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Line. This line was recently released in Feb 2013 so it is now available for you guys to find. A little background on the products that you should know is that they are 0 percent parabens, dyes and mineral oils. That is something that I try to find out before I try the product. This line is made out of 98 percent natural ingredients and certified organics.

I received four products to review from the line Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Line. The four products are Velvety Facial Moisturizer, Fresh Shower Gel, Refreshing Gel Cleanser, and Deodorant.

The first product that I want to share with you is their Refreshing Gel Cleanser with Organic Aloe Vera. This product comes in 6.7 oz bottle. When I opened the bottle to smell it, it was a nice Aloe Vera smell. It was not to faint nor it was over powering which was nice. What I like about this cleanser is that it is gentle to your skin. Majority of you know that my skin is very sensitive and can break out very easily, so I have to be super careful when it comes to cleansers. With the Refreshing Gel Cleanser with Organic Aloe Vera I was amazed on how great it felt on my skin. There was no reaction and my skin looked a lot better. It was easy to apply,. The major thing that I love about this product is that it is gentle on my skin and can remove what is not suppose to be on my skin. I also like how this product does not have that makeup smell to it. I would highly recommend Yves Rocher Refreshing Gel Cleanser with Organic Aloe Vera.
The next product that I want to share with you is their Fresh Shower Gel. This product comes in a 6.7 bottle. When I opened to smell the scent of the shower gel it was a nice scent of the Mexican Aloe Vera. What I like about this product is there is no paraben, no colorant, no minerals and only contains 99 percents organically grown ingredients. When I tried this body wash it was a decent body wash. It was easy to lather up on your skin and also was easy to rinse off your skin also. After using this shower gel I felt cleaned and refreshed. I would use this body was again. I also love the smell of Aloe Vera.

I was excited when I was able to try their Velvety Facial Moisturizer. This comes in a smaller bottle 1.6 oz. When I took a small amount to apply on my face I noticed the texture. It was not to runny nor was it to thick. It was just the right texture. When I applied the moisturizer I did I notice that it leaned towards the oily feel. Although when I was working it in my skin it did not feel as oily once it was rubbed in the skin. It make my skin feel great afterwards and soft and silky. I was not sure at first about this moisturizer because I do not like the feel of oily skin but after rubbing it in and giving it a fair chance. I can say overall I really like this product. 

The last product is their Stay Fresh Deodorant. I know that being a mom I tend to be on the constant go. This is something I really did not want to admit, but I am going to anyways. There are certain brands of deodorants that do not help me at all or do not protect me. There are times when I am out I tend to be very self conscious and always making sure that I do not smell. When I tried Yves Rocher Stay Fresh deodorant let me tell you I fell in love with it. It was easy to apply and not leaving and marks on your clothes. It is the liquid kind and dries super fast. It also smells great and last through out the day. When I tried this product I did not have to worry about being self conscious.

I was very impressed with Yves Rocher product line Culture Bio with Organic Aloe Vera Line.  I will say overall with the products I am highly impressed. I will say Yves Rocher has scored again on a great line of products. I really do love the scent of the Aloe Vera. You can find your products here.

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