Monday, March 11, 2013

Yoomi Review

Are you that parent that has a newborn or a baby that is still on the bottle? Are you that parent who is getting up in the middle of the night stumbling everywhere to get that bottle ready for your baby? What if I can tell you that I have the product for you that can is much easier and eliminate that time process in the early morning of warming up that bottle. Are you a parent who is at the restaurant or at the store and you need warm water and you are begging everyone around for warm water for that bottle. When let me tell you I have that solution for you! I found a site that is the solution to your problem and that is Yoomi. What is Yoomi you may ask? Yoomi was created by Farah and Jim. A mother and father who experienced what we all experience during the night and when we are out and about. They were determined to find a solution to this problem. Farah's inspiration and Jim's engineering skills they came together and created the Yoomi self warming bottle. This products warms your baby's bottle in about 60 seconds. Yes you heard me right 60 seconds.

Here are 9 fun facts and reasons why you should try Yoomi

  1. Warms milk to the perfect breast milk temperature every time ( no more guessing what the perfect temperature is)
  2. Portable Great for on the go ( no batteries or asking for water and trying to find water the right temperature) 
  3. Warms in 60 seconds
  4. Very easy to use 
  5. Very easy to recharge and clean
  6. Natural shape great for babies
  7. This has 6 anti colic vent system for less colic
  8. BPA Free
  9. These bottle are interchangeable with their other products

I received a 8 ounce bottle from yoomi to try on my friend son. Let me just start that this is just an amazing idea and I wish I knew about this when I had my two children when they were babies. In my opinion this is a lot easier to use and less time. I remember the frusteration of warming up my children bottles. It seemed like their bottles were to hot or to cold. I went through a lot of formula due to this situation. Plus you do not have to wait that long to get your babies bottle warmed up with the Yoomi. What I also like is that you can charge this warmer up and bring it with you when you are out for your convenience with just a great plus to the yoomi. How you charge the warmer is you put it in hot water for about 25 minutes. So i would charge this warmer in the morning before your baby needs it and it does last for awhile. I would highly recommend a couple of these bottle so you can plan the time. If you get on a schedule with these bottles they would be perfect for you and your child and perfect during the night time. That means more sleep for you. You can find this product HERE.

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