Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wittlebee Review

I know that I am always looking for clothes for my children. I have found a monthly subscription service for kids clothes. This monthly service is called Wittlebee. How Wittlebee works is you get on their waiting list to become a subscriber. I received my box of clothing for review in about 3 weeks. What you do is complete a style profile which outlines the colors and styles that you prefer for your child. Wittlebee monthly box contains 6 items of clothing and they base that on the style quiz that you take. This monthly subscription box costs $39.99 per month.

At first I was not sure about Wittlebee until the package arrived. Outside of the box that I received was a beehive. Then on the inside the clothing was nicely packed wrapped in the Wittlebee tissue paper. I could not wait to open this box to see what was inside. There were a few items for my daughter and son both. My favorite item that was in box was the pink skirt that was like a tutu. My daughter seemed to gravitate towards that one right away and wanted to wear it. I also received two other shirts for my daughter and they where very nice and great quality. Although they were not the size my daughter would fit. I can easily save it for next year for my daughter. The pants were a perfect fit for her and where very comfortable. I received a nice pair of pants for my son and a nice shirt that fit great. I think that this gift would be a great shower gift. I think it would be a great surprise for a new mother. You can find there site her to request your box. 

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  1. Is there a way to order a box for your son one month and a box for your daughter the next month?


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