Friday, March 8, 2013

WaxVac Review

I have the problem where my kids build up a bunch of wax My children hate Q-tips and I am so afraid that I am going to hurt there ears with the Q tips. I know that I have heard several doctors tell me not to use Q tips and they are not a good idea. I came across a product called WaxVac. WaxVac sucks out the wax or water that is in your ear. What I like about the WaxVac that it come with an assortment of attachments. This product run on 2 AA batteries. This product also includes a light at the other end of the product that you know you have gotten everything out of your ear. This product can be used on adults, children, toddler and even infants. 

I received this product for a review. I was excited to try this product. I have seen the info commercials on TV advertising this product all the time. I first tried this product on my son because he has many issues with wax build up. It was very easy to use on him and he even let me put it in his ear and it did not hurt him. The tips are soft so they will not jab or hurt your ear drum. This product does not make a lot of noise so it does startle them which is a good thing. I know that my daughter can be jumpy at time with noise. Also being a single mom I am always looking ways to save money. This will help me cut back on a unnecessary cost which I am always happy on saving money. I would check out their product HERE.

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