Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unite Shampoo Review

When I heard about this product I was truly amazed by the creativity to this product. I have heard of dry shampoo before and was never a huge fan of it.  I received a 4 oz bottle of Unite Eurotherapy 7Seconds Dry Shampoo. This bottle feels very light due to that it has powder inside. What makes this great is there a ball inside that breaks up the powder so it goes on evenly on the hair and prevents it from coming out clumpy. When the powder goes on the hair it soakes up the oil and leaves your hair shiny and clean looking. How you apply this product is you take layers of your hair and spray at the roots. After spraying at the roots you spray all over your hair. Then you rough your hair up and it gives your hair more a volumize look. When I tried this I was simply amazed on how easy this product is to use and how great it makes your hair look afterwards. I would recommend this product if you are going to a wedding or going out. This would be great if you went dancing and your hair was getting kind of oily or flat you could use this product to make your hair look a lot better while you are out. I would never think in a million years I would like a dry shampoo. Unite has truly made a fan out of me. You can find their products HERE. I also attached one of their videos of the product for you to get a better understand of the product.

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