Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Ives Review

When I found out in High School that I suffer from eczema I could only find a few products that could actually help me from this problem. St. Ives lotion has always been a favorite of mine because it helped my skin and prevented breakout during High School. After High school when I moved out my skin did not bother me as much as I lost my routine using St. Ives. Recently my skin has been causing issues for me so I was curious what St. Ives had to offer now and would it still help my skin still? I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review a couple items from the St. Ives line. I received two products for review and they where St. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion Oatmeal & Shea Butter and St. Ives Fresh Better Naturally Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash.

St. Ives Natural Soothing Oatmeal And Shea Butter Body Lotion - 21 Fl. Oz.Today was the best day for me to be able to review the St. Ive.s Naturally soothing Body Lotion Oatmeal Shea Butter. Due to the dryness in the air today and my skin was very itchy today. When I received the bottle it was huge. I will not run out of this lotion for awhile. It was 21 fl oz bottle. The first thing that I do with lotions is take the cap out and smell it. This can be the deal breaker for me at times. I really liked the oatmeal smell and it was not to strong at all which is really nice. This product is supposed to give an instant, non irritating relief for dry, itchy skin. Which is what I have today. I read the directions before I applied the lotion and it said you should apply at least once daily until your skin is back to the healthy natural moisturization. Well today was the big test. Will it help my dry itchy skin. What I love about this lotion is the smell and how easy it is to apply to your skin. It rubbed in quite quickly and my skin did feel better. It also relieved the itchy feeling to my skin. So it did work and it made my skin feel great. I would definitely recommend this product for your home. 
St. Ives Moisturizing Body Wash, Energizing Citrus
The next product that I was able to try was St. Ives Energizing Citrus Moisturizing body wash. I will admit that I love body washes and I prefer that over a bar of soap. When I was checking out the bottle before I used this product I noticed that it Hypo Allergenic. Which was a great thing for me due to suffering from allergies and having sensitive skin. This body wash is also formulated without Parabens and Phthalates and Dermatologist tested. When I noticed the scent of the body wash Energizing Citrus I was not quite sure if I would like the scent are not. I really thought it smelled great and was surprised. This scent had a mixture of citrus, mint and eucalyptus. When I tried this body wash I loved the smell and it made me feel more energized after washing with it. I really liked the after feeling and I did not feel dry or soapy still. Sometimes I have that issue with other products that I use. I also was impressed on how my skin felt after my shower it felt great and not dry. I would definitely look into this product again and recommend it.

From these two product I absolutely have fallen back in love with St. Ives. I am also interested in looking more into their other products. Have you recently checked out their different products yet. If not go here and see what they have to offer. Visit St. Ives. 

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