Saturday, March 9, 2013

Soap Time Review

It is that time of year again where you try to prevent picking up the nasty germs when you are out. Well I have a two and five year old. I am not concerned about them washing their hands. I am concerned about them washing their hands long enough to get their hand clean and germ free. I came across a great site and a great product to help younger children with washing their hands. Crowley Jones offers Soap Time kits. These soap kits come in handy for your toddlers and young children learning how to wash their hands. They provide fun shapes of soaps that can go on a circle where it has music and different sounds for 20 seconds. This will let your child to know how long to wash their hands for.

I received a soap kit to review. I was very excited when the package arrived. I knew that I had to set it up right away and try it. I received three soaps and one dispenser. There is a ABC block soap, Elephant soap and World soap. These three soaps fit on the soap dispenser. The attachment where you put the soap attaches to the soap. The base play's music for 20 seconds and lights up. This lets kids know how long to wash their hands for. When the light and music stop that is when they know to stop washing their hands. My daughter and son likes it a lot. They run into the bathroom to wash their hands. They enjoy pressing down on the soap to get different songs and get the soap to light up. They think that is the coolest thing. They also know when to stop instead of guessing. I would highly recommend this soap kit for your young children. This is a great fun way to teach them how to wash their hands. This also makes my job as a mother so much easier. You can find their product HERE.

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