Saturday, March 23, 2013

Smart Toy's Bunny Peek A Boo Review

Smart Toys have recently came out with a very cute toy. Just in time for Easter/ Spring. I know what I am putting in my daughters Easter Basket. That is their new toy Bunny Boo. This is a great game for younger children. Although my five year old will also like this game, but my two year old will be able to have fun with this game also. Bunny Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children. Bunny boo has 4 pieces to this game, but so many possibilities. There is a stack of cards that show your child what they want you to do with pieces. For example put the bunny next to the yellow block. These are easier patters for younger children. There are some cards that may look similar to other cards, but they can be very different. For example two cards looked the same but the ears stuck out more on one card than the other. There are 60 challenge cards for you children to solve or this toy can just be played with also. My daughter will absolutely love this toy also. I would highly recommend Bunny Boo. The reason why I like Bunny Boo is because there are four pieces to this game and it easy for younger kids. I notice more often in children's toys that there are so many pieces in younger children toys. Than pieces get lost or children get fruserated. I like Bunny Boo because there are so many different options with this toy. I also like it because it is educational and is pushing problems solving and math. I love educational toys for my children. Even though they have no clue. SHHH do not tell them because than they will not play with them. What are you putting in your child's Easter Basket this year?

You can order Bunny Peek a Boo online at Smart Toys and Games and “Bunny Boo is available at quality toy stores and you can order Bunny Boo online at Smart Toys and Games or Amazon.”

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