Friday, March 1, 2013

Smart Toys and Games Color Code Review

I know my son lately has been into games big time. So it is nice finding new game for my son to play. Recently I have found a new game that I thought my son would absolutely would love and that is called Color Code. Color Code is not just a fun game it is also educational and that is a major plus. 

I received Color Code for review. My five year old was very excited to be able to play this game. It can be a simple puzzle game to quite challenging at the same time. This game is for ages five and up. What is nice about this game is you can play this game by yourself or have multiple players. Which is nice where I can set my son up to play and he can play with Color Code puzzle by himself for awhile. This Color Code Puzzle comes with 18 square tiles with various colors and shapes. There is also a display holder and a game guide book also. The guide is very important because this is where you choose a pattern you would like to try to put together on your display.

My four year old really seemed to connect with this game. Although my two year old tried to insist that she wanted to play this game also it was not age appropriate or nor could she understand on how to play it. My son and I took turns looking at the guide and choosing out a challenge from the guide. We had fun trying to pick out the pieces and put the puzzle together correctly. We seemed to be able to get the easier levels fast but the more difficult levels were a bit tricky for us. 

Overall this was a great fun game with my son. It was a challenge for him and it was great. Also very educational and I really liked that in a game. I would say my son can do the first levels but this game will grow with him once he gets older. I would highly recommend this game for your little ones! You can find this game at.

You can order Color Code online at Smart Toys and Games and it is available at Meijer, Marbles and other quality toy stores everywhere. 

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