Monday, March 4, 2013

Safe Hands Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Review

I have a two year old and I am always worried she will pick up germs where ever we go. Well I found out recently that my daughter has an illness and if she gets sick and can compromise her iron so that explains why I am a worry nut. Well I am not always somewhere I can wash my daughter hands and I really am not found of the alcohol sanitizers. When I came across safeHands I was very intrigues and excited to learn more. I was looking for something more gentle on my daughter skin and something more gentle on mine since I suffer from ezcema. safeHands does not have and alcohol in this product so it does not dry your skin out which is a major plust for me.

I received a two safeHands that are made for adults and the scents were Clean Linen and Cucumber Mint. I would say both scents are different and I was fond of both of them. I might lean towards Clean Linen just a little bit more. I really like taking this product for my self anywhere I go. I notice that I use this product more because it does not dry my skin out which is great. 

Then they have safeSquirts for kids which I have a five and two year old can you just imagine of what type of stuff they can get into while we are outside or going to the store? safeSquirts come in the following scents cool blue, bubble gum and tooty fruity. I really enjoy these scents and so do my children. They are very kid friendly which is the best quality about them. My children get excited when it foams in their hand. It is easy for them to rub in their hands so if their are any germs they bite the dust. 

Overall I fell in love we these products and they can go just about anywhere with us. They are perfect for travel. Since I am always going to doctors or running errands this come in handy not only for my self but for my children. Now I know there is a step I can take to keep them safe and more healthier thanks to safeHands. You can find there products HERE.

You can find safeHands products on their website, check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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