Monday, March 25, 2013

Root Vue Farm Review


HSP Nature Toys was started by Richard M. Ray. He developed eeducational scientific kits for children. this helps the learn more about nature and the growing process with the different kits. The kit that I was able to try and review was the Root-Vue Farm. This is a garden laboratory where you can grow and watch carrots, radishes and onions that grow underground. 

I was able to try Root Vue Farm for review. My son was super excited when he received this kit in the mail. He wanted to start this kit ASAP. What I really like about this kit is that when you plant the seeds you can see right through to the dirt. You are able to see everything during the growing process. Also this kit is very easy to set up and also is easy to take care of. This kit come with a self watering base, scientifically formulated grow mix, carrot, radish and onion seed packets, growth chart, plant Iidentification labels and 6 teacher tested experiments.

Overall I love this experiment because my son also loves it. It is a great educational process for him. It teaches him how different vegitables grow and he can partake in the process. Although he got a little inpatient at time due to it took awhile to grow. Although he like to check it first thing in the morning to notice if anything has changed in the growing process. This would make a great Easter Basket Gift for your child for Easter. You can find this kit HERE.

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