Saturday, March 9, 2013

Real Organics Review always try to find way to make my skin look better and feel better. I came across a site called Skin real ingredients real simple. These products are chemical free skin and body care products. They are all natural and organic ingredients and they are good for your body. I was able to try their Clay Skin's Apricot-Berry Clay. I received a small try me size to test out. This is a deep exfoliate and is used for treating and detoxifying almost every skin type. This should not be use for very dry skin or if you have acne this would not be a great product for you to use. This clay helps remove your impurities, dirt and oil. When I tried this product I only had add water and I was good to go. Then I applied to my face. I left this on my face for about ten minutes then I was rinsed it off my face. I liked the clay and I thought it made my face nice and smooth. It made me face feel great and refreshed. You can find their product HERE

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