Sunday, March 3, 2013

Parnevu Review

I am always looking for products for my hair. After I had my daughter it seems that my hair was very extra dry and it has been a issue for me. I have heard about PARNEVU products great wonders on hair so I had to try them and see if they would help my hair.

I received three products to try on my hair and they are PARNEVU For Extra Dry Hair Salon Shampoo, PARNEVU For Extra Dry Hair After Shampoo conditioner and PARNEVU Hair Mayonnaise.

The first product that I tried was the PARNEVU For Extra Dry Hair Salon Shampoo. This salon shampoo is pH balanced and specially formulated to cleanse your hair and your scalp. This also helps cleanse the buildup of oils without stripping your hair. This is a unique formula that uses gentle cleansing agents. I really like this shampoo and it seemed to help my dry hair. This shampoo helps remove buildups, help prevent breakage, contains natural oils, leaves hair moist, soft and silky. I will agree that it does all of that. I was having issues of dry hair and breaking problems. After using this shampoo for a few days it seems that my hair is very soft and nice. It was a huge difference. I would highly recommend this shampoo. 

The next product that I was able to try was the PARNEVU Extra Dry After Shampoo Conditioner. This is a very unique blend of conditioner it has a blend of 14 agents that absorbs very quickly into your hair. It also restores the moisture and improves the body of your hair. It also helps strengthen your hair also. What I like best about this conditioner it help prevent tangles and knots. This conditioner contains vitamins enriched formula that helps the cuticles and absorbs deep into the hairs cortex and helps repairs the damage hair. This conditioner helps locks the moisture, helps prevent breakage, helps damage hair, prevents dryness. I really see a difference in this conditioner than the others that I use. I would highly recommend this conditioner if your have dry hair.

The last product that I was able to try was PARNEVU Hair Mayonnaise. This provides intense rejuvenation therapy on your hair. This product is amazing for your hair. I absolutely love it and this is my favorite product of them all. This product is for weak, damaged or over processed hair. This has olive oil, egg protein and herbs to promote the hair and scalp. How this product works is that it works within the hair shaft to strengthen the roots, help split end and moisturize brittle hair. This product is amazing. It is very easy to use and it helps moisturize the hair and make it feel amazing afterwards. 

I would highly recommend these products. Before I tried these products my hair was a hot mess and very brittle, damaged, and dry. From trying this products my hair is none of these anymore. I would highly recommend and use each one of these products again. You can find these products HERE. 


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