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Oxy Skincare Review

oxy-maximum-action-groupIf you suffer from acne and trying to find a solution to treat your acne. I have found a line of new products that will help you fight your acne. Oxy has been a trusted brand over 30 years and recently came out with a new line in February 2013. Oxy has two new lines Called Maximum Action and Daily Defense Product Lines Offer Comprehensive Acne Treatment. These two line of products are uniquely segmented and have new packaging that clearly spells out product benefits, active ingredients and recommend usages. What is also nice that Oxy Maximum Action has a red/black packaging and Oxy Daily Defense product is in blue and black packaging. 

I was able to review several products from Oxy Maximum Action. The products that I received were Oxy Maximum Action Face Wash, Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment, Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash, and Oxy Maximum Action Treatment Pads.

OXY_MA_AdvancedFaceWash_C-182x450The first product that I wanted to share is their Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash. This product comes in a 5 oz bottle. When I opened to smell this product it had a nice fresh smell to it. The Key benefits of this product that it is clinically proven that Benzoyl Peroxide kill acne bacteria. This face wash is formulated to soothe irritation. This also features cell renewal technology for fresher and brighter skin. This product is oil free and dermatologist tested. When I tried this product I wet my face before I applied the product. I squirted out a fair amount and lathered in my hands and applied to the facial area. After applying you want to rinse thoroughly and make sure you rinse all off. Than after you rinsed all off you want to gently pat your face dry. You want to use this product daily. If you do not see a result you may want to increase this product two to three times a day. If your face is drying out from this product you may want to use this product every other day. I thought this product overall is was decent. I really like the Maximum Action advanced face wash. It helped clear the acne on my face and it did not dry out my skin which was nice.

OXY_MA_SensitiveFaceWash_C-154x450The second product that I want to share is the OXY Maximum Action Sensitive Face Wash. This is a different face wash from the one above. This product come in a 6 oz bottle. This product is also fragrance free. The key benefits to this product is patented skin soothing agent that helps minimize skin irritation and reduce redness. This product boosts skin cell renewal for fresher and brighter skin. This is a fragrance free which I tend to lean for in a product. This is also oil free and dermatologist tested. When I used this product I wet my face and than put some of face wash in my hands. Than I lathered in my hands than applied to my face. After that I gently washed it of and patted dry. It is recommended that you put sunscreen if you are going outside. This product is more sensitive that the other face wash. For more sensitive skin like mine I would recommend this one. I noticed to see less acne with this product which is nice. I would recommend this product and is very simple to use. 
The next product that I wanted share the OXY Maximum Action Spot Treatment. This is a spot treatment that come in a .65 tube. What I like about this product that is visibly reduces redness in just about 4 hours. This is proven shown that it kills 99 percent of acne bacteria in 8 hours. This product is also formulated with cell regeneration technology for brighter skin. This penetrates deep into pores where pimples start. This would be a perfect product to have if you are going to a weeding and you have that acne redness. It would be a great product to have. When I applied this product I cleansed my skin before applying this product. Then I applied the affected area very thin layer. You can do this 1-3 time a day as needed. If this does dry your skin, only use once a daily instead. I really like this product and I had a even to go to and I had redness and it was very noticeable and embarrassing. Perfect time to try this product. I was amazed on how well this product worked. I would highly recommend this product on hand. 

OXY_MA_TreatmentPads_C-250x414The last product that I wanted to share is the Oxy Maximum Action Treatment pads. Oxy Treatment pads come in a pack of 30 pads. This product is a triple action formula. The first action is that it kills acne bacteria with encapsulated 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide to deliver long lasting treatment. The second action is that it is lightly moisturizing to be non drying. The third actions is that it helps control oil to minimize shine. What I like about this product that it is a re-sealable package. This would be a great package to keep in your purse. Use this pad over the affected area with a thin layer of medication. I love this product. I also love how you can bring this in your purse without worrying if it is going to leak in your purse. I also love how this is gentle on your skin but helps fight the acne. I would highly recommend this product.

I was very excited to try this line of products. After having my daughter my skin had been a mess and I suffer from more acne. I was excited to try this line of products to see if I could eliminate the problem and have my skin looking good. These products have been a huge help for my skin and my skin is looking a lot better. They have two lines of products and everything that you need to make your skin look better. You can find their products HERE

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