Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OOMPA Review

https://oompa.zendesk.com/attachments/token/z3y11kp8lkhx7kq/?name=blog+button.jpgWhen it come to my children I try to find the best toys for them. Also during play I want them to have a solid and safe toy for them to play with. Also it is a parents dream to have a toy that your two year old and five year old can play with together. I have found a great site that offers all of the above. Oompa.com has been known as the premiere website destination for safe, quality and unique toys for children from around the world. Oompa offers toys that are modern toys that do not have batteries, flashing light or cartoons. This is a high quality toy that you will be able to pass on to your children when they get older.

I was given a great opportunity to be ale to review one of Oompa toys. I was able to review Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game. This game contains sixteen pegs and sixteen rings to complete the colorful Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game. How this works is that Pegs can fit into the wooden board. Than you can stacked the rings on the pegs. The wood that is used for this toys is from sustainable forests and made by in Germany. What I liked about this toy is that my son and daughter could both play with this toy. There is no right or wrong way of playing with this toy. My son likes making paterns with the colors. He also likes to stack the pegs up high also. He is very creative with this toy. My daughter likes putting the pegs in and putting the rings around the pegs. With her she just sits there and tries to figure out how to put it together. She has a fun time playing with this toy. There are times when the play together with this toy. I would say overall this is a kind of toy that I would want my children to play with. This is a great family toy that can be passed down for generations. I would highly recommend this product and their other products and you can find them at their site www.Oompa.com.

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