Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nexxus Review

I enjoy looking for the best hair products out their for my hair. I will admit that I never hear of Nexxus hair care products before and I was eager to be able to try several products from them. At Nexxus Salon Hair Care their philosophy is that if you want beautiful hair, that it requires a deeper approach. Nexxus science goes deeper to transform your hair, so the outcome makes your hair look gorgeous. What I found interesting about Nexxus products has been in saloons for 30 years and still going strong.

When I was able to review three of their products I was very excited. I was able to review Nexxus Salon Hair Care Pro Mend Split End Treatment Daily Shampoo, Nexxus Salon Hair Care Pro Mend Split End Treatment Daily Conditioner, Nexxus Salon Hair Care Pro Mend Bodifying Mousse. 

The first product that I tried was the Nexxus Salon Hair Care Pro Mend Split end Treatment Daily Shampoo. This shampoo prepares split end prone hair for repair. It gently cleanses away damage impurities and buildup while giving it the vital nourishment it may need. By doing this it leaves your hair clean and shiny. When I smelled the shampoo and I could not tell you the specific smell to it although it was a nice scent to it. I really enjoyed this shampoo and I noticed that you did not have to use a lot. It lathered up rather quickley and I did not have to fight with it. What I also liked about this shampoo is that it rinsed out nicely also. I know at times I feel like I can not get all the shampoo out of my hair after rinsing. After using this shampoo I will have to say that this is my favorite so far. It also made my hair look great and shiny

The second product that I was able to review was the Nexxus Pro Med Daily Conditioner. ProMend is a daily conditioner is a revolutionary daily conditioner that targets and binds split ends back together in just three washes.  You want to keep using this conditioner daily so your car can look its best. This smell to the conditioner is the same scent as shampoo. How I used the conditioner is that I put a small amount on damp hair. After I let it sit on my damp hair for about three minutes I combed it out. After coming the tangles out I rinsed the conditoner out. I really liked out the tangles seemed to come out easily. I tried this conditioner for a couple of days and I actually really love the results of this conditioner and really enjoy it. I believe that you will have to do this everyday to keep your hair up the way you want it to be. 

The last product that I reviewed ProMend Bodifying Mousse. ProMend Bodifying Mousse is a revolutionary volumizing mousse that binds split ends back together during the styling process. This helps give you that full look that you want everyday. This helps repair split end damaged strands for that great look and the look that you want to last all day. I will admit that I do not use mousse that much. This experience was nice and new to me I really like the mousse it was simple and easy to use and it was also easy to style. I highly recommend this product for your styling product. 

I was very excited that I got to try Nexxus hair products and I would highly recommend them to my fellow readers. I enjoyed them so much that I will be continuing using these products. If you want to find more information and more products from their line Click HERE







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