Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neater Feeder Review

Last week we brought our newest member of our family home. His name is Jake and he is an Mini Australian Shepard. I have been looking and researching for the best dog products out there for our little puppy. We have been having trouble finding the right kind of water and food dish for Jake because he tends to push them everywhere in the kitchen. We recently was able to review Neater Feeder. There are three sizes of feeders for cats and dogs. If you accidentally order the wrong size there are extension stands that make the feeder taller. The size I picked out was a little tall for Jake at the moment, but he will grow into it when he gets to full size. When we tried having Jake eating out of the feeder I was surprised on how well he liked it. I love how there are no messes or tipped over food. I am glad I found this product right away. The Neater Feeder has a base where if the water spill it will catch the mess an not go on the floor or if the dog drops his some of his kibble it will also catch that also. Then it is easy to pick up an clean the catcher. The neater feeder comes in two colors Bronze and Cranberry and three sizes. The different sizes are custom to your size pet. I would highly recommend having this product for your pet. It is easy to use and clean. Also what I love is that it does not slip and slide and make a huge mess. You can find this product on their site HERE.


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