Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marj's Naturals Review

I found a great site that I wanted to share with you. It is called Marj's Naturals. Marj's Naturals is a line of handmade soaps by a Registered Nurse and Makeup Artist in California. Marj grew up on an island so she had access to tropical fruits that beneficial for the skin. She figured out how to incorporate the fruit it luxurious soaps with other great ingredients.

I received three soaps for review. When they first arrived I loved how they where indvidual wrapped. They where wrapped with paper and then a strip of paper over original paper. Than a ribbon on top of the paper. What I like about these three soaps is that they are created in different shapes. One looks like a beehive and a bee. The three scents that I received were Strawberries and Sweet Mango Soap and chunky Pina Soap.

Strawberry and Cream soap is one of my favorites soap that I smelled. This soap is great for all different skin types. Also this kind of soap is great for acne prone skin. With Strawberry and Cream can be used as a facial cleanser and you can use this soap all over your body if you choose to. This one was my favorite of all three.

Chunky Pina soap is also a great smelling soap. This one was shaped as square and had a flower on top. It was a yellow color to the soap. This type of soap is perfect for all types of skin. This also is great for acne prone skin. You want to use this soap as a facial cleanser and a body soap also. 

Sweet Mango Soap. This is my second favorite soap. This is also a shaped as a square and had a flower on top. I really like the scent of sweet mango. This is a great facial soap and helps acne. This also makes a great body bar also.

These soap are absolutly amazing. I like how they are uniquly shaped and they would make great gifts. They also wrap them very special. I really like how they take time to wrap them very special. If you want to find amazing soap make sure you stop and check them out HERE.  


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  1. Julie, I appreciate you taking the time to review Marj's Naturals soaps and Global Goddess Beauty's Upgrade Complexion Face Primer and Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment. I look forward to working with you again in the near future! Have a great Easter weekend!


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