Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mama Mio Review

You know me and how I have to be on the search for great face care products. Since I have sensitive skin I am always on the search for products that will with my skin. I came across a site that I never heard before called Mama Mio. Although when I read there story their site became very interesting to me. This skincare company started when 3 friends came together. It started out were Sian and Kathy ran a small brand creation design agency called Miller Sutherland that specialized in beauty. This is how they met Tanya who was working with a great aromatherapist at the time. After three years they started working together and combined all their skill together to create bespoke beauty ranges for brands and retailers. When they thought up the line of Mama Mio while Sian was pregnant. This line started out with the belly rub and has grown into face products. This has a variety of products from face products, spa, pregnancy and body products. I thought it was amazing on how much effort and work that they put into their products. 

I was able to receive to products from Mama Mio to review. The two products that I received was their Clean Slate Aloe Rich gently foaming cleanser and Eye Know All in One Eye Serum. The first product that I tried was Clean Slate. I thought this cleanser was very interesting. Clean Slate is a product of two halves. What I mean about two halves that Clean Slate cleanser and also has 60 seconds of Mama Mio Face Fitness. This product will help you lift your skin, tone your skin and cleanse your skin. Yes you heard me right this product cleanses, lifts, tone and energize the muscles attached to your skin. You know me the first thing that I did with this product is I opened the lid and I smelt it. It had aloe smell to it.When I tried this product I noticed that it left my skin feeling great and feeling fresh. This product did not irritate my skin which is the major factor for me in a product. It was gentle on my skin. This product made my skin feel fresh and clean. It did not leave a dry feeling which was a great feeling. I would highly recommend this product and this product moved up as my number one cleanser of as now.

The next product that I was able to review was the Eye Know All In One Eye Serum. When I heard about this product I knew I had to try it. I am a single mother of two and it seems like I am always on the go and never getting enough sleep. I am always having dark shadows underneath my eyes and it look horrible. I think I have tried every product available, but nothing seems to work. Eye Know from Mama Mio is a 24 hours moisturizing hydration. This products helps with wrinkle fighting while banishing dark shadows and gently tightening and lifting for a wide eyed and wide awake effect. This product works in 60 secs and it makes you look like you had your full 8 hours of sleep. I can not rave on how much i love this product. It is the best product that I have tried. It is officially my new best friend. Now I feel more confident going out and not worrying about my dark circles under my eyes. 

Moma Mia offers a wide variety of products. These are only two produt out of many. If you want to check out the products that I was able to review or their other products click HERE.  

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