Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kicky Pants Review

I was introduced to Kicky Pants a few weeks ago. I have never heard of Bamboo clothing until recently. I knew when I heard about it I definitely had to try it. Kicky Pants is a comfortable and incredibly sustainable bamboo clothing line. This clothing line targets mainly women and babies. Kicky Pants has a great variety of different styles of clothing. Their material is very breathable, very soft to the touch and is great for all seasons. Eric Cloke was on bedrest in 2007 and that is when Kicky Pants was created. She wanted to create a line of clothing to represent and celebrate innocence. She wanted to come up something that was eco friendly and that would be great for your babies delicate skin. All the designs that are created are exclusive to Kicky Pants and you will not find them anywhere. 

I was not familiar on bamboo and how is useful or how it is contribute into making outfits. Bamboo is eco-friendly. Bamboo also grows very quickly and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. If bamboo is growing in the right conditions it should only take 100 days to grow. What I thought was very interesting about bamboo is that it has a unique anti bacterial, antifungal property. This aids the plants in fighting off disease and insects that would require pesticides or other harmful products.

I was sent an outfit for my friends son. I received a bodysuit for him a one piece outfit. On the back of the outfit there are snaps by the diaper area and there is a design on the back also. What I really like about this outfit is that it is made out of bamboo. When I first took out this outfit the first thing I did was feel how soft it was. I was surprised on how soft this outfit was. When we put my son friend in this outfit he seems to really like it and he was able to move and he looked like he felt comfortable. Also I love how the back has snaps and it was very easy to change his diaper also. This outfit also kept him warm. I would highly recommend their products. You can find there amazing line HERE

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