Friday, March 15, 2013

Karma Kiss Review

BTZ955 FROG TALKING ALARM CLOCKHave you ever had a hard time trying to find a gift for housewarming, relatives birthday, child's birthday, teacher gift? Well I found this cute site called Karma Kiss. They carry a wide variety of gifts. They carry unique gifts, novelties, eco friendly, kids toys and much more. What I really like about this site is that they have creative ideas on here that I can not find anywhere else. I spent hours looking at their products and finding a lot them that I liked. The one thing about this site that is wonderful is that he prices are very reasonable. I know at time we are strapped on cash and trying to find great deals for gifts and Karma Kiss would be a great place to find that special gift.

My sons going to be starting school in the fall. This is very special time for us because this is going to be his first year. When I was looking through Karma Kiss I found the cutest product. That was a Frog talking alarm clock. Which my son is going to need an alarm clock in the morning. It was hard to choose which alarm to pick out from Karma Kiss due to the variety that was available. We finally decided that we wanted the frog. When the product arrived I noticed that the Alarm clock was packaged up very nice and was safe from the shipping. When I saw the alarm clock it looked like one of those old fashion alarm clocks that was very cute. The outer side of the frog was green like a frog and the middle of the clock was a picture of a frog. On the back of the alarm clock you can press a try me button and you can hear the animal sound. I really like that each of these animal clock has a sound. This particular one has a ribbit ribbit which is really cute. This alarm clock is very cute and a great gift for a child. I will be using this as a back to school gift for my son when he start school. I fell in love with this alarm clock I know you will to. You can find Karma Kiss products HERE.

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