Saturday, March 9, 2013

HolyClothing Review

Recently I was introduced to a wonderful clothing site for women. It is called Holy Clothing. I have never heard of this site before, but am very lucky that I do now.  When you go to this site you will realize the unique design of all the clothing that is on this website. There are a wide variety of different styles on this site. They have different styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, Bohemian, Boho and Gypsy. What I found interesting on this site all the clothing is handmade and embroidered by fine fabrics. Fabrics that they use for their clothing are velvet, Satin, Chiffon, crepe, lace and butter soft washed viscose. What I like about this company that it is family owned business that make and sells their clothing.

I was able to review on of their beautiful items.  I reviewed the Sunita Fringed Boho 2-In-1 Indian Goddess Magic Gypsy Dress. When I received this dress I thought it was absolutely gorgeous I felt magical in this dress. It fit just right and felt very light and great. This is a 100 percent viscose/rayon layers. This may be worn in two ways it can be wore down for a sleeveless style or you can have it pulled over as shown in the picture and it looks like a shawl. There is so many options n wearing this dress and you can wear it almost anywhere. I feel very confident when wearing this dress. Also I love the fabric and it feels very soft and does not irritate my skin which is fantastic because I absolutely love this dress. Washing this dress is pretty easy. You wash it in cold on the gentle cycle. You do not put this in your dryer you hang and let it air dry and than iron it after it is dry. I would highly recommend their clothing. It felt great and they have many different options. From pants, shirts, skirts and dress's. There is something for just about everyone. You can find their beautiful clothing at Holy Clothing.

You canvisit the Holy Clothing website , or visit Holy Clothing on their Facebook page

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