Thursday, March 28, 2013

Global Goddess Review

Upgrade Complexion Face PrimerI was introduced to a wonderful site called Global Goddess. They offer a variety of cosmetics on their site. When you use their products I guarantee you will feel like a goddess. I was able to try their Upgrade Complexion Face Primer. I enjoyed giving this product a try. When you use this product on your face you want to use this product before you start your beauty routine. When I tried this primer I rubbed it smoothly on my face. It created a smooth even canvas. Than I felt that I could start my beauty routine. This product contains Vitamins A and E nourish. While the anti oxidants create a thin veil of protection for a great silky finish after applying.I enjoyed this primer and would highly recommend it. 

Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair TreatmentThe next product that I was able to try was the Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment. This product will help you get that shine that you are dying to have. This product is a Indian oil blend of coconut Amla, Henna, and Avocado. Each of the ingredients play a different part of making your hair beautiful. The coconut oil plays the part to rejuvenates your tired hair. The Amla Extract gives your hair the Vitamin C and the Henna adds volume and shine to your hair. This is very easy to use for your hair. I tried ths product and it made my hair shiny and it also felt like it was getting strong after the first use.

When I tried these samples they were great. I would highly recommend their products. You can find them their products HERE.


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