Thursday, March 28, 2013

ENJOY’s Luxury Smoothing System Review

Recently I have heard a lot about ENJOY's Luxury Smoothing System. This system contains ENJOY Luxury Shampoo, ENJOY Luxury Conditioner, and Straightner. What I like about ENJOY is that they believe that their product should be the best for their customers. They do not believe in gimmicks or trying to sell a product that may not work. They work hard build a relationship with their clients and bring the best product to their clients.

I was very excited when Enjoy Luxury hair products arrived. I tried them the next morning. The first product that I tried was the Enjoy Luxury Shampoo. This comes in 10 oz size. This helps relieves stressed out hair and scalp and works to control heavy, coarse or curly strands. When I first tried ENJOY Luxury Shampoo I noticed that it had a wonderful scent to it. When I was washing my hair with this product I noticed that it was kind of thick and creamy, but also lathered in my hair very nicely. It also washed out of my hair nicely and it did not take a long time to rinse out.  I felt that this product was gentle on my skin but left my hair very clean. Sometimes I have that problem is after you wash your hair it does not always feel clean like it should. My hair felt great after washing it with ENJOY Luxury. I actually felt like I was getting pampered at the salon. I would recommend this product and definitely would use it again.

Then I got to try their Enjoy Luxury Conditioner. Their conditioner also comes in a 10 oz size. It also had a great smell to it. This conditioner was kind of thick. After washing my hair I applied the conditioner to my hair. This conditioner helps moisturizes and softens hair. It also can be used for moisturizing the skin or shaving. I really liked how it made my hair feel. The aftermaths it made my hair look shiny, healthy and soft. It also felt like my hair was fuller and stronger. It has not looked this great for a while. 

The last product that I was able to try was ENJOY Straightener. This product helps tames all kinds of types of hair types and leave them sleek and silky smooth. My hair is a little wavy but not completely. I also felt that it was kind of in a weird stage not curly but not completely straight. I love this straightener and helps straighten my hair and make it look great. When you use this product you use a small amount on your damp hair and then you blow dry and flat iron or you style as you normally would.

I really enjoyed this product. I would highly recommend this set. I felt like I was at the salon getting pampered. This trio set retails for 73.92. If you would like to find their products you can find them HERE.

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