Sunday, March 10, 2013

Candy Galaxy Review

Candy Galaxy
Ripe WatermelonRipe WatermelonAre you still trying to find those special treats for your children Easter Basket. Well I received a special surprise in the mail the other day. I received a package of yellow gummie bears and one package of speckled green jelly beans. I was very excited by this nice surprised and could not wait to read the note inside the box. It was from Candy Galaxy. My children were also very excited when they saw this treat. The gummie bears and the jelly beans would make great treats for your children's baskets. Sometimes I like to get those plastic eggs and fill them with candy for my two children and hide them. Last year we had an accident with the colored eggs so this year I decided to use the plastic eggs. I will fill these two treats inside their eggs. I also like how the jelly beans were speckled and they look very Easter. This would be a great choice to put in that Easter grass in your child's basket. They also have available on their site pre-made Easter baskets so if you do not have time to make one this year you can order one from them. Also if you seem to be busy or you can not leave your house without your kids you can always stop to this online store and order your candy online They have everything imaginable for your child's basket. You can find them HERE.

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