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Bee Alive Review

BeeAlive Spa Essentials Natural Skin CareDo you like going to the Spa. I know that I enjoy going to the spa but I can not afford it or nor do I have time with my two children. I have found a line of products that make me feel like I am getting pampered at the spa, but in reality I am in the comfort in my own home. I was able to try Bee Alive Spa Essentials skincare products and I absolutely fell in love with their products. I will say after trying their line of products they will make my top ten list for skincare products. I have been trying this product for the past several days and I have notice a huge difference in my skin. Bee Alive carries two different lines their Spa Essentials and dietary supplements. Bee Alive also has been around for the past 25 years.  

I was very excited when I was able to try their line Spa Essentials line of products. What I love about their products is that they are gentle on my sensitiveness skin. There products are not made with harsh chemicals. Their formulas for their products are delicate and handcrafted, gently infusing the intense nourishing properties of royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen together with other natural herbs and essential oils. Also their goal is to nourish your skin and not strip away natural protective oils. Their line of products is to have a long term affect and not a short term affect like other products. Their products are here to fix the problem and leave your skin healthy and to help your skin look great.

I received their line of Spa Essentials. When I received the package and opened it. I will say that their products were packaged very neatly and they were highly protected with bubble wrap. The collection of products that I received were Delicate Royal Jelly Creme, Enriching Royal Jelly Creme, Foaming Honey Cleanser, Kaolin Clay Cleanser, Rehydrating Facial Tonic, Honey Masque, Royal Jelly Serum.

Enriching Royal Jelly CremeEnriching Royal Jelly Creme Moisturizing Face cream. Enriching Royal Jelly Creme comes in a .8 oz glass bottle with pump. The first thing that I did was pump a little bit out and smelled it. I actually fell in love with the smell. It is hard to describe what it smelled liked. This products is a rich moisturizing face cream that combines the powerful soothing properties of herbal blend of delicate essentials oils with the nourishing benefits of honey royal jelly and bee propolis. I like how this face cream helped hydrate my skin. I saw a difference after one use. I also like how this product actually left a long lasting feeling than a couple hours like other products that I have been using.  After using my skin felt fresh and soft to the touch. This product is recommend for Normal to Dry skin types only. Or you can also use this product as a renewing nighttime moisturizer. This is a great Moisturizer face cream.

Delicate Royal Jelly CremeDelicate Royal Jelly Creme Moisturizing Face Cream. This is a Elederberry antioxidant Formula and it comes in an .8oz glass bottle with a pump. This delicate face cream is more lightweight than the first one. This cream combines intensely hydrating herbal blends and delicate essential plant oils with the soothing and nourishing properties of honey, royal jelly and bee propolis. This product also has elderberry which is a powerful antioxidant. This proprietary blend is designed to help counteract the signs of aging. I like using this product for my daytime moisturizer. This cream is very lightweight and makes my skin feel great, soft and light weight. I noticed that this absorbs faster than the other moisturizer, but both were great products. This product is recommended for normal to oily skin types. I would recommended using this for your daytime moisturizer. 
Royal Jelly Serum

Royal Jelly Serum Naturally Moisturizing Face Serum. This product is made with Argan and Jojoba Oils. This come in a .85 oz glass bottle with pump. This has a different smell than the other two products. I am not a fan of this smell, but I can tolerate it. The Royal Jelly Serum is a light serum that is concentrated with their precious non freeze dried royal jelly and naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid. At first I was not fond of this product because it did not seem to rub in and I did not think it would show a difference. I believed that I used a little to much and that is why it was a little harder to rub in. I noticed after using this product that it smoothed out my skin and made my skin very soft. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I fell in love with this product and I have been finding my self using this product  often more than others than I normally use. It makes my skin feel flawless and I love that feeling.
Foaming Honey Cleanser 
Foaming Honey Cleanser All Natural Facial Cleanser. This product is made with Lavender and Geranium. This comes in a 6 oz bottle with foamer pump. This is a gentle foaming cleanser and make up remover. This product would be great for all skin types. This product has a unique and balanced formula helps maintain the delicate ph balance of the skin. This product has Aloe and antioxidants in the green tea extract that are nourishing. Lavender is the essential oil that soothes the skin. The Geranium is the essential oil that invigorates the dull looking skin. Than the Honey gently cleanses and leaving your skin feeling refreshed. I fell in love with this cleanser and it does not irritate my skin like cleansers. I also like how it is gentle and removes my makeup without breaking my skin out. 

Honey MasqueHoney Masque Facial Toner, Firmer and Brightner. This product has AHA and licorice in it. It also come in a 2.0 oz bottle. This product is a unique honey treatment masque. My first thoughts about this product that it would be messy and I would not find myself using this product. Boy was I wrong. This masque has left my skin feeling softer and made my skin feel firmer. This product has five botanical extracts- Bilberry Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Maple. These extracts help tone and smooth skin by increasing the rate of skin renewal. This product felt a little sticky but not as bad ask I thought it would. This felt different from the other masques I have tried. It was definitely worth it and my skin looked great and fresh after using this product. 
Kaolin Clay Cleanser 
Kaolin Clay Cleanser Gentle Deep Skin Cleanser. This product has Propolis and Fruit Enzymes and it come in a 2.7 oz glass bottle with pump. This is a gentle deep cleanser. This product is recommend for all skin types. This product is to help remove impurities and help remove makeup without stripping the skin. Kaolin Clay helps stimulate circulation to your skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing your skin. Propolis is to help restore and protect your skin. When I tried this product it was a little runny but boy did it work wonders. It was very gentle to the skin and I really like this product and was on of my favorites. 

Rehydrating Facial TonicRehydrating Facial Tonic Refreshing Facial Mist. This product has lavender and honey and come in a 3.25 fl oz bottle with pump. This product has a refreshing multi purpose facial mist. this has a blend of lavender and honey in this product. This product is also for all types of skin types. What I love about lavender it always seems to calm me down and relaxes me. Honey hydrates your skin. I love using this product through out the day it helps me feel fresh. I would highly recommend this product. 

I am very glad that I was introduced to this line of products. I have never heard of Bee Alive before and was very impressed with their products. As of now this line of products are is in my top ten list and I would highly recommend checking them out for yourself. You find their products on their website here.

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