Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Beehaven Dream Feeder Review

I know when my daughter was a infant she loved being hold and it seemed like I was constantly holding her. After awhile my arm got tired and if felt like her head seemed to be so heavy. Well now that my friend has a son and I tend to hold him a lot I am excited that I get to use the Baby-Bee Haven Dream Feeder. I have never seen a product like this before and wished that it was around when I had my son and daughter. I really like how the Baby-Bee Haven Dream Feeder is a cushion that attaches to the person who is holding the baby. This is to help support the baby head and not your arm. This prevents your arm from going numb. You can use this while you are holding your baby or when it is feeding time. I like how there is velcro attachment on the Baby Bee-haven Dream Feeder. The velcro has several attachments that will fit any size arm. There are no worries this will fit just about anyone arms. You can choose weather to use the velcro or not. The pillow is made of memory foam. This pillow is very soft and comfortable your baby will love it. What I really like about the Dream Feeder that it is machine washable. So if something got on it you can easily throw it in the wash machine. You can find there products HERE.

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