Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yves Rocher Anti-Aging Care

I was able to review a new line for Yves Rocher Anti Age Global. This was all new to me and I have learned a lot from the products that I have received for review. Here is a little background that I have learned about these products if you are also new with these products. "The Anti-Age Global line developed by our Botanical Beauty Laboratories contains a new generation of Plant Source Cells." These cell that you find in this our fourth generaton cells because they are unique elicitation. A fun fact is that more than 100,000 Plant Source Cells are concentrated in each Anti-Age Global skin product which I find amazing. 

I was able to review three Anti-Age Global Care from Yves Rocher. The three creams that I received was Anti-Aging Day Care, Complete Anti-Aging Night Care, Anti-Aging Eye Care. I was Very excited to try these products on my skin. When the package arrived I read through the material and instantly wanted to try them.

The first product is the Complete Anti-Aging Day Care. When I opened the jar it had a very pleasant smell to it. When I applied the cream to my face I found that it was not greasy or sticky. When I applied the cream it rubbed in very quickly and my face felt very fresh. When the description said it leaves your face feeling silky and velvety they where absolutely correct. This product also is great for a base for makeup which is a major plus. I will be honest sometimes I neglect my skin because my two kids keeps me very busy and their times I feel like I do not have the energy. After a week using this cream my skin feel 100 percent smoother and hydrated. I see a major difference in my skin looks healthier. This cream helped me get the hydration that my skin needs every day. I would highly recommend this product for your Day cream and you will not be dissapointed. 

The second product is Complete Anti-Aging Night Care. When I opened this jar it also had a very nice smell to it nice and fresh. When I applied this cream and night it felt lightweight and rubbed in my skin very nicely. After applying the cream it did not have a greasy or oily feel to it. When I woke after sleeping my skin felt very nice and smooth. Before I use this cream my skin feels itchy and very dry. It was a great change with the Night Care cream. I was very amazed on how great my skin felt waking up. I never imagined that a cream could make my skin feel so soft and feel great. I really enjoyed their Anti-Aging Night Care.

The last product that I received was Anti-Aging Eye Care. This is a fragrance free cream. This cream is for they eye contour area. I really liked the texture to the eye cream it is fresh and light. This cream was my favorite of all three. I am single mother of two and I get very tired. I have two children and I got to school full time. So there are nights that I stay up late and I have those famous dark circles under my eyes. I have noticed using this cream this instantly helped reduce those dark circles underneath my eyes. I would definitely recommend this product if you are a mother and have children. You know what I am talking about and you will not be disappointed. 

This would be a great product to get you ready for Valentines Day. If you have plans with that special someone this cream can give you that extra boost. I would recommend this also if you are getting married this would be a great cream to get your skin ready for that big day. I was reluctant on this cream at first because I do have sensitive skin and now I happy that I have tried this. I highly recommend all three products. You can find these products at


  1. I've never really tried much from ELF but that blush is so pretty, I might have to make an Eyelastin you are the ultimate face cream connoisseur, share all your secrets with us please :)!!

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    Is this a sponsored review? I’m interested with the product.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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