Monday, February 4, 2013

Veri Peri Review

 Who loves to cook? I love trying new things to cook and adding new sauces and seasonings. I love to my food to have that extra taste. When I came across Veri Perri Cooking Sauces I was very excited to review their different flavors. What was coming in my head now is what I could use the sauces or and what could I create in the kitchen?

A fun fact is that these sauces originated over in South Africa. Since they where so good they had to bring them over here. For review I was sent one of each of their flavors, which there is five flavors all together. Each bottle come in 4.22 oz and they retail at 4.99 per bottle. Their flavors are Veri Hot, Mild, Lemon and Herb, and Garlic. Veri Hot and Hot were my dads flavors he added them to just about anything. He also brought them to his work and the guys also tried it and they said they where amazing. They told me that they passed the test.

I really like the lemon and garlic and I found my self putting this in almost everything this one was my favorite of them all. Then my second favorite was garlic. I found when I need a little garlic flavor this sauce hit that touch well. They are very easy to use and taste. You do not have to use a whole lot. 

I would recommend these sauces if you love to cook and I would check them out. You can buy them directly on amazon or you can find them with the links below. 

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