Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THROXS Review and Giveaway

I have been having that issue of the "Missing Sock". I know most of you have had that issue before. I love how you put your socks in the was and dryer and the dryer magically eats your socks. Well I have not had that trouble for awhile. I am having a trouble with a two and five year old thinking it is funny hiding them on me or my five year old misplaces them all the time. I end up getting frustrated because I can not find the pair and feel like I either have to throw them out or go out and buy new socks.

Well I came across a site called THROX they have solved my issue for the missing sock. Edwin Heaven is the creator of THROX and he came up with the greatest solution for the missing sock. It is one of those ideas where after you hear about it, you think why did I not think of that. What is THROXS you make ask? I will not leave you in suspense any longer. THROX are sets of socks that is right they do not come in a pair they come in set of three. You do no even have to worry about the prices of these socks where they are your average price of your average pair of socks. When I heard about this concept I was amazed and the perfect solution for my kids. It come with three socks so if you lose one of the socks you do not have to throw that sock away just get the third sock and you have your pair again. I love this concept and comes in handy with my five year old. We just keep the spare in the drawer and when we misplace or loose one of the socks we go and get the spare sock. I also love how my son loves these socks and say they are very comfortable. They also have a great selection of colors and prints. They are fun socks for your kids or even your self. You have to check their site out at http://www.throx.com/home.html

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