Friday, February 8, 2013

Set of Jamberry Giveaway

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I have heard and seen Jamberry around, all the rants and raves about how exciting their new company is and how quickly they are growing, but up until this week I hadn’t really given them a chance.

 I have short brittle nails and usually just cover them up with acrylics to obtain a more professional look, but as the acrylics came off I noticed how damaged my nails were becoming.  Well I just couldn’t hold out any longer it’s time to give Jamberry a try.

Surprisingly they were pretty easy to apply even on my short nails!  I wiped my nails clean with a nail polish remover, lightly buffed them, and then wiped clean again. After pushing back my cuticles, I then applied the shield to my nail heated for a second with a blow dryer to soften the shield and used the cuticle pusher to smooth the shield to my nail.  I heated it once more for a few seconds and then trim and filed away the excess.   That was pretty simple!

The Jamberry shields added a strong study support for my brittle nails and are showing no signs of lifting or ware.  This was especially surprising after several loads of dishes and other daily activities that would generally ware off nail polish after a few days.  No touch ups needed which is great!

Personally I am a little upset with myself for not trying these sooner! There are so many designs and styles to choose from and I can’t wait to place an order!  Plus, if you order 3 you get 1 free, now how can you beat that?  

I absolutely have to recommend Jamberry Nail Shields.  I am able to show off my stylish nails without thick bulky acrylic and they are adding much needed support to prevent my nails from breaking.  Talk about a win win!


For more information regarding Jamberry, you should contact Star Director Lori Buckle.  Lori was the first and one of three Star Director’s with Jamberry and her team consist of over 1,000 fabulous women!  Star Director is the highest rank you can get with Jamberry and she made it in just 12 months! Let’s run over to Lori’s Facebook page and tell her congratulations!  Her hard work and dedication is paying off!

Jamberry is a direct sales company, currently being called ground floor company with around 6,000 consultants. Parties consist of Mommy & Me, A Girls Night Out, Manicure and Margarita’s, and even Fabulous Online Hosting!  There are so many ways to party with Jamberry the opportunities are endless for both hostess and the representatives.

 And now for the giveaway!!! You can additional entries for Hosting an Online Party or placing an order under AlyGators party!!!  WE LOVE TO PARTY! Just make sure at checkout you click on AlyGators for associated party.

Enter to win your own Jamberry
Lori Buckle:

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  1. I haven't gotten onto the fancy nail decor band wagon yet, but I'm ready!

  2. Been wanting to try these for a while.

  3. I just discovered these yesterday!! I would rather try them first for free/for a deal price to know if if they work for my nail shape. I love Japanese-inspired nails.

  4. I would so love this for my daughters.....


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