Friday, February 15, 2013

Omyst Review

Do you have children who always get in accidents and are always getting scrapes and cuts. I know I have two that are fearless and ends up always getting some kind of scrape or cut. I have found a healing herbal first aid spray called Omyst. Omyst is a healing herbal first aid spray formulated with 100 percent organically grown medicinal herbs that encourages the skin to breath while treating minor skin wounds and ailment for swift and complete healing. Another great use for this spray is to use it for treating bug bites. Use can use this spray for bug bites, bed bug bites, scrapes, rashes, sutured wounds or any topical skin issues that you may occur. I received one of their bottles for a review. Omyst comes in a bottle that is one ounce spray. This will help reduce pain, inflammation, itching and help start the healing process. What I found interesting that their are four key plant ingredients in this product. They are Calendula, Yarrow, Plantain, Wild Roses and they help the healing process. I really like this product. My son always seems to be tripping over something and getting scratches or cuts. What I like about this product that it is a spray bottle and you can bring it almost anywhere with you. Well the other day we were at the store and my son cut a small cut, well I was happy that I had this in my purse. We went into the bathroom and cleaned it up as best as possiable and then I sprayed some of this spray on his cut. It seem to help a little bit. I really like how easy its to use instead of rubbing goo on it and that just seems to make a huge mess. This is easy you spray and soaks right into your skin. I would highly recommend this product. You can find you Omyst spray at

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