Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nesco Dehydrator Review

When it come to my children eating fruits and veggies I am one lucky momma. I do not have to fight with them or force them to eat their veggies and fruits. They absolutely love them. There are times they do struggle with fruit that are two juicy and make a mess. Also they love to bring fruit in the car for snacks but the last time there was an accident so no more fruit in the car although I thought. When I was introduced to the Nesco Fruit and Jerky Dehydrator they made it possible where I could bring fruit back into my car and no huge mess. My children never had dried fruit before, so I was not sure if it would be a hit. Although I was excited where I could bring a snack in the car and it would be healthy for them.

When I received my Nesco Dehydrator in the mail I was super excited to see how it worked. I instantly opened the box and started learning more about this product. This dehydrator is FD-80 square dehydrator and jerky maker. This dehydrator can go up to 700 watts of drying power. You can use fruits, veggies, beef or venison jerky in this dehydrator. When I was checking out this dehydrator I noticed that there was a mounted fan that helps eliminates liquids dripping into the heating chamber which is nice. What came in the Dehydrator box was of course the Dehydrator, two jerky spice and cure packets, 1 clean a screen.

This Dehydrator was simple to use. My first project was to cut apples up and try to use the dehydrator. I was impressed on how simple the process was. After cutting the apples on I put them in the dehydrator and let it set to dry out. On the dehydrator there are different setting option and it depends what you are dehydrating. I had to wait about 6-7 hours for my apples to be done. After they where done I was quite impressed on how they turned out. They were not perfect to a t. Although it was my first time ever drying and fruit and I have learned what not to do next time. Although when I put the fruit in the bag to take pictures the next day for this post. I believe my son and his grandpa decided to eat them for breakfast. They said they where really good and I should make more. I am highly impress with the Nesco Dehydrator and would highly recommend it for anyone who likes Beef Jerky or Dried Fruit. I know that this is a keeper and will be used frequently in my home. There are many different options for dehydrators and you can find them on their site at


  1. This is awesome! It reminds me of my dad, he would have loved this! I'm going to have get one :)

  2. I haven't had home made jerky or dried fruit in years, I think I may have to get one of these.


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