Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Me & The Girls Benefical Organic Beauty

I am always trying to find the best beauty products out there. When I first started searching for the right beauty products I was surprised on how many different products that are out there that I have never heard of before. I came across this site called Me & The Girls. When I heard the name I was intrigued and needed to know more information.

About the brand:
I have taken care of critically ill and drug addicted newborns for the past 30 years. Prior to modern technology we bathed our tiniest premature babies in vitamin-rich olive oil to prevent insensible water loss and to promote healing. We actually watched the development of healthy skin mature before our eyes. Nurses, doctors, and friends replaced my sweet babies and bathed in lush oils and rich butter blends for two years. I realized that those same efforts applied. The life cycle of skin comes full circle in that our skin becomes more sensitive with exposure and fragile as we age. I am proud to offer a collection of superior moisture-rich organic products for women of all ages with all types of skin.

I received several products from the to review. When I received the package it came in a little cute bag that had their name on it and would hold all of their product inside. The first product that I received was the Moon Beauty Serum. This is a luxurious penetrating oil serum with rich anti oxidants and essential fatty acids. What I like about this it helps promote regenerative moisture for normal, dry, sensitive, mature and sun damaged skin. I tried this oil on my face after my shower and it seem to lock the moisture in and help my skin feel refreshed and soft afterwards.
The second product that I tried was the Sugar Body Scrub. This is a fine grain raw organic sugar exfoliants and stimulates your skin while fragrant, hydrating coconut oil and superior cupusau seed butter is layered into a luscious lemon creme and avocado butter blend that nourishes and polishes your skin. I really liked how this came with a little cute bamboo spoon to help get this product out. I really enjoyed this product. I loved the smell to this product. It was a lemon smell and it smelled really good. This had a amazing smell and it does feel like gritty but after using this product it feels so much better and it leave a great feeling. 

The next product that I reviewed was the Moon Anti Aging Night Moisturizer. This is a moisturizer with vitamin E rich creme that Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores soft supple skin. I received a small jar of this and I tried some on before I went to bed. It rubbed in smoothly. When I woke up the next morning my skin looked quite decent after trying this product.

The next product that I was able to try was Foot Scrub. This smelled like a mint smell which smelled really good. This felt really gritty and you scrub this on your feet two-three times a week to buff your feet. You do not use any other tools with this product. My feet are terrible and this product to seem help them get more moisture and not as dry. They feel a lot better after applying this product.
The next product that I got to try was the foot soothing Creme. This is a great product that you use after your bath or shower. It is good to use on damp feet to gain more moisture to your feet. This helped wonders on my feet since my feet are very dry and cracked. This product does help and helped my feet feel great. 
Over all I really enjoyed these products. From a year ago I would have never knew about this kind of beauty or these products. I love how they are organic and they also make my skin feel great. You can find their products at


    1. sounds good to me! i'd like to try the sugar body scrub, the fiance and i have very dry skin...

    2. This looks great, ill have to check it out for sure


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