Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kids Wall Decals By Dizign with a Z

My son is in that stage where he doe not want to be in his room. I have been thinking of many options to make his room fun and him wanting to be in it. I have thought about adding wall decals to make it more fun and friendly. I was looking at the site called Dezign with a Z. I was looking for something friendly for kids rooms. I noticed when I was on their site they had a great selection and I had a hard time selecting a certain item. Their customer service was a huge help and helped through my decision which was really nice. 
I received to decals sets for my son room. One was a tree with monkey's hanging from a tree. I enjoyed this one and this was very east to apply on the wall. This decal you just stuck on the wall and used there rub card to rub the decal off on the wall. That decal took less than five minutes to put up on his wall and it looked great. I like how it was simple and easy and did not take a lot of time to put up. 

The second Wall Decal set that I received was a sea animal set. This came with bubbles, seaweed, choral, lobster, 2 fish, whale, jelly fish and a sting ray. My son really like this set. This is was a little more creative where I could put this any where on the wall and put them where I wanted. There where many opportunities and choices to put them. I liked how my son really got into this one and helped. He also told me where he wanted to place each sea creature. Then we had fun putting the bubbles be each one. i really like how this one turned out. It was easy to apply and took about 20-30 mins to do the whole thing. 
I would highly recommend this site overall. They have a great selection and great quality of products. The two decals I received at http://www.dezignwithaz.com. The customer service was amazing and they where very friendly and helped with decisions. I also noticed that this time with the decals I received directions. Which was nice because if you have never done this before it would be nice knowing what to do and how to apply. I would definitely do business with them and recommend them to my follow readers. You can check them out at http://www.dezignwithaz.com/



  1. This is such a cute product. I need to find decorations for my boys room once it's repainted.

  2. This looks great. My wife and I are looking for childrens wall decals. We have found a great place at this link too.

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