Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just Born/ Peeps and Company Review

It is getting close to Valentines Day again and I am a big sucker when it comes to candy. I was very excited when I had the opportunity to do a review Just Born. Just born is a family owned candy manufacturer that been in business for over eight decades. There also has been three generations with this manufacturer. You may have heard of Just Born manufacturer before if you have not I guarantee you have heard of the candies that are made there. They are known for Peeps, Mike AND IKE, Hot Tamales, Peanut Chews. Just Born candies opened their first retail store called PEEPS & Company in National Harbor in MD in 2009.

I was very excited to be able to do a review for Peeps & company. When there box arrived in the mail with the selected goodies my children and I were excited. First we pulled out four boxes of Mike and Ike passion mix Theater boxes. I thought the boxes where very cute. If your child is passing out Valentines at school this year. This would be the perfect treat. I like how the boxes are like a Valentine on the out site. You can put who and from on the box. Which is a great idea and great gift. In this package of Mike and Ike the flavors are Cherry, Grape, Paradise Punch and Strawberry Passion Mix.  These package come in 5 oz box's and they come n 12. I have always been a huge fan of Mike and Ike candy. They never seem to last if they where next to me. My son did not care for them very much although he is not a huge candy addict like his sister and I. My daughter has never tried Mike and Ike's before and let me tell you it was fun to watch her try them. After trying her first one she took the package away from me. Looked me in the eye and said no ma mine. There is the verdict for my two year old daughter.
The next treat that we were able to try was the NEW Peeps Cherry Flavored Marshmallow dipped and dripped in Milk Chocolate. This package contains three Cherry shaped Peeps. Three is a good number because there where three testers. I loved how they are shaped as cherries and they have drizzled chocolate on top and the base at the bottom is a layer of chocolate. This would be a perfect sweet treat for Valentines Day!. My son tried it and his reaction this one is that he liked it a lot. He loves anything cherry flavor so I knew he would more than likely like this one. When my daughter she attempted to eat just the chocolate off the peeps. I am a peep addict so there is not question in my mind that I loved it. I also love cherries and I love how there is chocolate mixed in. 

I was excited when we pulled out the next goodies out of the box and they where the Peeps. My dad was excited on this one because there was dark chocolate. My dad is a huge fan when it comes to Dark Chocolate. The new flavor was Strawberry Creme in milk or dark chocolate. They come in a package of three. I really fell in love with the Strawberry creme milk chocolate. That was my favorite one. I love strawberry's and it had a nice blend with chocolate. I liked the dark chocolate but not as much as the milk. On the other hand my father liked the dark chocolate one better. This would make a great sweet Peep gift for Valentines Day. 

The last goodie that was in the box was Hot Tamales. They also come in a cute box for Valentines Day. It looks like a fame heart and in the middle it has to and from so you can address it to someone special. I also would recommend for these for your children Valentines Day parties to pass to class mates. They also come in 5oz. I love the cinnamon flavor. I have not had a Hot Tamales since I was a kid. It brought back good memories and I believe the taste even has gotten better. 

I had a lot of fun reviewing the great tasting Peeps, Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes. I would recommend these for Valentines Day for your special Valentine. I would recommend these for your little ones Valentines Day parties. You can find these products at your local store like Walmart, Target, Meijers and you can also find them at


  1. Mmmmm! Candy! I honestly did not know that Peeps made valentine red peeps! I adore peeps! Thanks for sharing!

    Brenda W.

  2. Just Born really outdid themselves with these

  3. I want to try those cherry chocolate hearts. YUM!

  4. I absolutely love peeps. Everyone else in my family is not a fan but hey that means more for me!

  5. I love peeps & I love chocolate. I'm sure if I get my hands on some of these I might simultaneously combust!

  6. I'm not a huge fan of Peeps but LOVE Hot Tamales- they are one of my favs! I might try these Peeps though, you never know! I may just love them!


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