Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jack Franklin Ties Review

When it come to ties my dad tries to find the best tie's out there that look the best. Since my dad is at a new job he tries to look his best. Wearing a tie everyday is a must when you are in sales. I have been looking around for decent ties that look good and great quality. I found a great site that has a great variety of ties at Here is a little background about Jack Franklin ties. Jack Franklin ties was born after years of paying way to much for high quality ties. Where my dad was having the problem is he could not afford the 100 to 200 hundred dollar ties that are great quality. Where the ties that where under 100 seemed to be not the best quality. Jack Franklin ties goal is to provide the highest quality tie for the lowest price. What I also thought was very interesting with their company is they have quality guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products they will return from day one or three years from now. They back their ties 100 percent.

My dad was very impressed the tie that I received for review. He seemed to like it the best out of all the other ties that he owns. He really thought the design was very classy and perfect for his job. He checked out the tie and said it was great quality and he was very impressed. When he wore it for the first time he said he had gotten a lot of complements from the tie he wore to work. He said he inspected the tie and when he said this I laughed at him. He said no strings fraying or nothing ripped when he put it on. He said he would highly recommend this tie to any business men. He said they look classy and a great work tie. You can find these ties at

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