Sunday, February 10, 2013

Foot Kinectics Review

If I had a choice to wear sock or not to wear socks. Let me tell you I would never wear socks. The end results of doing this that are my feet are very calloused and rough. I have tried several products and methods to make my feet feel better and also make them look better. So far I have not found anything that help my feet. Then I found a product called Foot Kinetics and I wanted to try their Silk Step to see if it would help my feet. Their products goals are to create protective creams for different kinds of feet. Also to reduce blisters and calluses, moisturize dry and cracked heels and relieve sore feet. I was curious if their product would help my feet. Silk Step came in  3oz tube. When I squeezed  out some of the cream it was very thick. When I sniffed the cream there was not a scent that I could detect. I liked how the tube had applicator and it had massaging bumps that helped apply the cream evenly.This cream purpose is to create an barrier to protect your skin. When I applied the cream I noticed within a week that it started to help my rough skin and calluses. I applied the cream and the next day I really saw the difference that my skin did look a lot better. Now after helping my dry and callus feet I have to keep them up so they do not get that bad again. I have fallen in love with this product. This is one of the first products that have helped take care of my foot problem. I was starting to get discourage where I would not find a product that would help my feet. I would highly recommend this product for your feet.

If you have similar issues with your feet I would highly recommend checking this product out. You will not be disappointed and you will see amazing results. You can find their products at

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