Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DormCo Flannel Sheets Review

I know that I am a college student and I am always trying to find items for school. Do you have a child that is starting college or are you going to college? Well you should check out DormCo they are the leading retailer for college dorm essentials. They have everything that you can possibly imagine. There is bedding, trunks, rugs, decor, closet, laundry, bath, security, deals, packaging, seating, posters, organizers, cooking, study, alarm clocks and so much more.

DormCo was very generous and let me review one of their items. I spent hours looking through their site and it was very tough to choose one item. I like how there site was very easy to navigate around their site. I also like the tabs on their site with each category. The item that I chose for review was their Fleece Dorm Bedding Sheets. These come in Twin XL and let me tell you they are very soft. I think the first thing that I did when I received them was feel the material. Let me tell you they where very soft to the touch. Living in Michigan where it is really cold these would definitely come in handy. This set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillow case. I chose the Burnt Red color although there are other colors to choose from. When I washed them they where still very soft and were the same condition like I received them in. When I took a nap today they where very cozy on a cold winter day. I would highly recommend these flannel sheets for you college dorm or even for your own home!!. You can find more of their great products HERE

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