Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Costume Discounter Review

My son is in that stage of superheros, robots and anything in that kind of sort. He has a couple costumes from the past Halloweens that he dresses up in and plays. I was not impressed of the quality of the costumes because they tear and snag very easy and then they do not look that great. This year I have been looking into other costume options. I found a costume site that had a lot of variety and that site was called Costume Discounters. I was able to pick one costume to review. I decided that I would let me son pick out the one he wanted. I think we spent hours and hours trying to find the perfect costume. My son wanted almost everyone that we had looked at. We finally came to a decision of one costume and that was the Child Deluxe Voltron Force Costume. When we received this in the mail I was impressed with the material. I liked how my son really like the super robot. There are several individual vehicles that are combined together. This costume is a multicolored jumpsuit with molded pieces that look like the five vehicles that make up voltron. There are green and red molded hand pieces and also yellow and blue boot tops. The jumpsuit is gold, red, gray and black. My son loves the Voltron mask and wears it a lot. I would say I am impressed in the quality of the costume and that was the true test. My son loves playing in these kind of costumes and when he does they do not hold up majority of the time. He been in this costume about a week and has completely handled the wear and did not show any of the wear. I would highly recommend their costumes for 2013 Halloween or just play. They have a variety of different costumes and you can check them out HERE.



  1. i am bookmarking this site! thank you!

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